Current Projects

Janet is currently involved in several writing projects.

She is finishing her own script adapting it from her novel, “Mo Cuishle”, (My Heart, My Blood, My Darling), which is a tale of family, loss and reunion, mystically linking the Famine times in Ireland to the present day. An LA Oscar winning producer is interested in reading it when it is ready!

Some testimonials for Mo Cuishle from readers include:

“ ‘Mo Cuishle’ opens one’s heart and heals your soul. Beautifully written, magical storytelling, weaving you in and out of time experiencing the pain, loss and beauty of each family’s love for one another.  The souls of the past come back to remind us how precious life is and to value, honour and love each other forever. As a reader, I didn’t want the journey to end. I can only image how Bridget will develop into a young adult and her adventures.” – Isabella Savic, Producer and Director, King Pepe Film.
“Haunting and captivating, ‘Mo Cuishle’ instantly draws you in, right from the very first page. Beautifully written and a real tear jerker – this is a must read.” – Anna Rodgers, Author of ‘Toxic World Toxic People’
“A refreshing and sensitive approach to a piece of irish history that the outer world often ignores. Beautifully linking the past and present with tantalising glimpses into the spirit world, the reader is given a series of cleverly interlocking scenarios. This is a gem of a book.” – Pam Golden, Teacher, Writer.

“A captivating and beautiful story and written so well. The words drew me in and filled me with evocative images of Ireland in distant times. I loved the way the story weaved its way through different timelines, each story equally moving and powerful, rich with the feelings of love. A truly, beautiful story.” Catherine Horton, Hypnotherapist

“ ‘Mo Cuishle’ blew me away. It was unexpected, poignant and amazing. When I read it, I’m there in the story, living in Ireland in those different timelines. I love it, it transports me to another world and I love being there. This is a beautiful story of spiritual and metaphysical truth woven through loss and reunion across time and space. It captures and enlightens as the story comes full circle.” -Karen Porritt, Intuitive Astrologer

“This is such a beautiful, sincere and moving book. It is a true work of art and is filled with positivity, even though the issues are of hardship and heartbreak. It crosses dimensions and blends lives, past and present, perfectly.” – Elaine Forster, Creative Florist and Café Owner


Other projects for clients include writing scripts about horses and what they teach us about ourselves;  an MI6 spy thriller;  and a true life story of a man who Woke Up and changed his entire life.

Completed assessments and scripts include a lusty crime thriller based in the UK/Europe/USA;  a spiritual story of life and love; and the story of one man’s battle to win in America in the sports world.