Pitch Concept

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Pitch Concept   By Janet Lee Chapman High Concept is a script that is easily pitched with a succinctly stated premise. It is the Essence that grabs you by the neck – it’s capturing the viewer’s imagination, exciting their senses, asking “what if?”, and sparking them to start imagining the story before it begins. The Logline is the core of the pitch and very important in the pitching. The Logline includes Five Elements: (1) Originality, unique story. A Logline up to 6 sentences. Compress the story. Hooks and twists make a traditional Story into an original, unique one. (2) Mass Audience Appeal. Take the marketplace into account. (3) Be specific. Make the pitch story specific on what makes it different. (4) The Potential is Obvious. If it’s a comedy pitch, it should make Audience laugh or smile. If it’s an action movie, the audience can Imagine the action scenes. (5) Length of pitch. Five or six sentences. Don’t tell plot line. It is the premise of the story. Tell them what your story is about, Not what happens in it. The story should be : Unique Entertaining Marketable A pitch is composed as follows: The Logline A short pitch of up to five or six sentences that distils the story down to the core ideas. It is the anchor for everything that happens in the story. Premise How does your story begin? What’s the Set Up – the main character’s agenda and the storyline.. Is it a drama or a comedy? Wrap it Up Recap the story on a higher level. What are the larger themes or morals of the story? The essence of the story. Example: maybe it’s a journey and lesson learned by the main character. The Five Finger Pitch An exercise to write your pitch concisely. Little finger – Genre Example: romantic comedy. Also add any pertinent information, such as if it’s based on a book, give title and the author’s name. Ring finger – Main Character Describe them. Example: a middle aged widower. Middle finger – Goal Example: middle aged widower wants to ride a motorcycle from across the globe. Index finger – Obstacles This is the massive But – in our example, maybe he can’t drive! Thumb – Reasons to Love this Story Why will audience love it? What is different about it? In our example: the man wants to find a lost love. Big theme here would be , is there true love. Now you can build around those five points to write your pitch.