MO CUISHLE (My Blood, My Heart, My Darling) by Janet Lee Chapman AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY Janet Lee Chapman was born in Manchester, ENGLAND, her maternal grandparents were from Dublin and Galway. She didn’t know much about them growing up, as her grandmother passed away when Janet was 4 years old, her grandfather didn’t speak to Janet’s mother, so she never met him. They’d run away to get married in Manchester, due to family disapproval, as grandma was Catholic and granddad was Protestant. Janet moved to Ireland in 2003 for several years, she felt very much at home there, living first of all in Dublin, then Sligo and finally, Leitrim. In 2005, she read all she could find on the Irish Famine in the library, angry that she’d never learned the truth from her English schooldays. When she read the true account of two children who were sent to a workhouse during the Irish Famine, she was so moved it broke her heart and haunted her until, one day, she just sat down and began to write ‘MO CUISHLE’, a fictional story based on their account. In Irish, Mo Cuishle means ‘my blood, my heart, my darling’ and it is a term of endearment. For over twenty years, Janet worked as a PA/Secretary in such diverse settings as a Racial Equality Office in Yorkshire and a large Hotel Group head office in Manchester. Since 2013, Janet has worked as a writer and Creative Director with King Pepe Films (based in Belgrade, Serbia), on several projects including Wonder Women of Wine – a tv series. Currently, Janet is an Associate and Film Agent with Susan Mears Literary and Film Agency based in London. She writes screenplays adapted from books and film assessment reports and also edits books. Janet studied screenwriting with Scriptwriting North and the University of East Anglia. Websites: www.janetleechapman.com linkedin.com/in/janet-lee-chapman-3b036197 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7581993/